These are the pump/equipment/ items in our inventory that we currently have available for purchase. The parts shown here are only a partial list of our parts inventory.

Item Number: XXXX

        New Pump Inventory

1000  Hydra-Cell D15XASGHFEHB Complete Unit More Info

1001  Oilwell 630Q-8/B558 Power Frame More Info More Info

1002  B368D-ST Fluid End More Info

1032  NOV 32T-2L Pump More Info

1033  NOV 55T-3M Pump More Info

1034  NOV 59T-3L Pump More Info

1037   Hydra-Cell D10EKBTSNECB More Info

1038   Hydra-Cell D10EKSTSNEC More Info

1039   Hydra-Cell D10XKBTSNECB More Info

1040   Hydra-Cell D10XKSTSNECB More Info

1041    Hydra-Cell D15XABGNNECB More Info

1042    Hydra-Cell D15XASGNNECB More Info

1043    Hydra-Cell D35XKBTNNECB More Info

1044    Hydra-Cell D35XKSTNNECB More Info

1049    Hydra-Cell D35XKCGHFECB More Info

1050    Hydra-Cell D35XKCGHFECB More Info

1045    Hydra-Cell H25XFSTNNECB More Info

1046    Hydra-Cell H25XKBTNNECB More Info

1062    Wacker Neuson PT2 More Info

        Reconditioned Pump Inventory

1003  GASO 1849-A  Complete Unit More Info  -SOLD

1051   GASO 1743 More Info

1054   GASO 3364 Power End More Info

1055   GASO 3211 More Info

1048     GASO 1550 More Info

1006  Oilwell B-348 Power End More Info

1009  Oilwell 36P with 336P Conversion Fluid End More Info

1052   Oilwell 336P Conversion Fluid End More Info

1031   Oilwell 46P Fluid End More Info

1010   Oilwell C323 Power End More Info

1011   Oilwell 346P/160TP-6L Fluid End More Info

1056   Oilwell 346P/160TP-6L Fluid End More Info

1013    Oilwell 336P Fluid End More Info

1036   Oilwell 336P-ST Fluid End w/ Welded Flanges More Info

1014    Oilwell A344/125T-4 Fluid End More Info

1015    Oilwell A344/125T-4 Fluid End More Info

1016    Oilwell 346P-ST Adapter More Info

1017    Oilwell 346P-ST Adapter More Info

1018    Oilwell 346P-ST Adapter More Info

1053    Oilwell 336P-ST Adapter More Info

1019    B368D-ST Fluid End More Info

1020    Gardner Denver TA-3 Fluid End More Info

1021    National Oilwell J30/30T Power End More Info

1022    National Oilwell J60/60T Power End More Info

1023    National Oilwell J100/100T Power End More Info

1024   Wheatley 5P-200/31Q-2 More Info

1035   Wheatley 5P-300 More Info

1025    Wheatley HP165-L/163Q-4L Fluid End More Info

1026    Wheatley HP125-M/110Q-3M Fluid End More Info

1027    Aplex A50 Power End More Info

1028    Hydra-Cell D10XKBTSNECB More Info

1047     Kerr KT-3350-XP More Info

1060    Hydra-Cell D40XASNNNNC More Info

1063     Brinkmann TH1403S380+001 More Info

1064     Brinkmann TH1403S380+001  More Info

1065     Brinkmann TH1403S380+001  More Info


        Other Equipment Inventory

1029    Peck-O-Matic Power Tongs More Info

1030    Peck-O-Matic Power Tongs More Info

1060    Teda Tongs More Info


This is only a partial list of our parts inventory. Call us with any inquiries about replacement parts, as we have a very large selection in stock.


Qty. of 5:   4-1/2″ Plungers for Q28 and M28


5PR-000012-108      Fluid End        55T-3l (3364)

GAS-100000-A03     Fluid End        3211

GAS-101634-000     Fluid End        3113M


08-018-266                 Crankshaft             160TP-6 (346P)

08-600-185                 Fluid End St           84Q-3L (C523)

08-642-000                Crankshaft              84Q-3L (C523)

National Oilwell

171015714W                Fluid End              60T-3L (J60)

1713618                       Gear (Ratio 4.84;1)

1713619                       Pinion (Ratio 4.84;1)

20-016-012                  Spring Valve-Titanium

20-016-015                  Valve Spring

20-016-022                  Valve Spring

20-016-023                  Valve Spring

20-150-123                  Piston Rod

20-160-193                  Valve Assembly

20-160-219                  Valve Spring

20-160-246                  Valve Assembly

20-160-929                  High-Accronytrile Valve

20-180-012                  Valve Plate Disc

20-180-050                  Valve Disc

20-200-014                  Valve Bushing

20-200-015                  Valve Bushing

49-006-651                  Valve Stop

49-006-652                  Suction Stop

49-006-683                  Pilot Ring

49-006-958                  Valve Stop

49-006-980                  Lantern Ring

49-006-981                  Lantern Ring

49-008-165                  Fluid End Bushing

49-008-450                  Stuffing Box

49-008-743                  Suction Sleeve

49-008-744                  Discharge Sleeve

49-008-745                  Suction Stop

49-009-113                  Stuffing Box

G1709002                    Crankshaft                 30T-2

G1710002                    Crankshaft                 60T-3 (J60)

G1711002                    Crankshaft                 100T-4


Seepex Parts

Model BN35-61




Joint Kit

Model BN10-6L   




Joint Kit

Peerless Parts

Model 8196MT

Impeller, 316 SS, 12.61″

Impeller O-Ring, TFE

Shaft Sleeve, 316 SS

John Crane Cartridge Seal Assembly


1057      Model CR45-1                 Pump CR45-1A-G-A-E-KUBE     Images


1058      Model T100AB               Pump, 5HP @ 3450 RPM     Images

Milton Roy

1059     Model MGH481             Metering Pump MGH48110CBM2SENNNN11     Images

Repair Kit



Contact us with any inquiries you have about our inventory for sale!