Reciprocating Pump Parts List

This is only a partial list of our parts inventory. Call us with any inquiries about replacement parts, as we have a very large selection in stock.


1001  *New* Oilwell 630Q-8/B558 Power Frame More Info

1002  *New* B368D-ST Fluid End More Info

1052   Oilwell 336P Conversion Fluid End More Info

1031   Oilwell 46P Fluid End More Info

1011   Oilwell 346P/160TP-6L Fluid End More Info

1056   Oilwell 346P/160TP-6L Fluid End More Info

1013    Oilwell 336P Fluid End More Info

1036   Oilwell 336P-ST Fluid End with Welded Flanges More Info

1014    Oilwell A344/125T-4 Fluid End More Info

1015    Oilwell A344/125T-4 Fluid End More Info

1016    Oilwell 346P-ST Adapters More Info

1017    Oilwell 346P-ST Adapter More Info

1018    Oilwell 346P-ST Adapter More Info

1053    Oilwell 336P-ST Adapter More Info

1019    B368D-ST Fluid End More Info

1020    Gardner Denver TA-3 Fluid End More Info

1025    Wheatley HP165-L/163Q-4L Fluid End More Info

1026    Wheatley HP125-M/110Q-3M Fluid End More Info



Qty. of 5: 4-1/2″ Plungers for Q28 or M28


5PR-000012-108      Fluid End        55T-3l (3364)

GAS-100000-A03     Fluid End        3211

GAS-101634-000     Fluid End        3113M


08-018-266                 Crankshaft             160TP-6 (346P)

08-600-185                 Fluid End St           84Q-3L (C523)

08-642-000                Crankshaft              84Q-3L (C523)

National Oilwell

171015714W                Fluid End              60T-3L (J60)

1713618                       Gear (Ratio 4.84;1)

1713619                       Pinion (Ratio 4.84;1)

20-016-012                  Spring Valve-Titanium

20-016-015                  Valve Spring

20-016-022                  Valve Spring

20-016-023                  Valve Spring

20-150-123                  Piston Rod

20-160-193                  Valve Assembly

20-160-219                  Valve Spring

20-160-246                  Valve Assembly

20-160-929                  High-Accronytrile Valve

20-180-012                  Valve Disc-Polyurethane

20-180-050                  Valve Disc

20-200-014                  Valve Bushing

20-200-015                  Valve Bushing

49-006-651                  Valve Stop

49-006-652                  Suction Stop

49-006-683                  Pilot Ring

49-006-958                  Valve Stop

49-006-980                  Lantern Ring

49-006-981                  Lantern Ring

49-008-165                  Fluid End Bushing

49-008-450                  Stuffing Box

49-008-743                  Suction Sleeve

49-008-744                  Discharge Sleeve

49-008-745                  Suction Stop

49-009-113                  Stuffing Box

G1709002                    Crankshaft                 30T-2

G1710002                    Crankshaft                 60T-3 (J60)

G1711002                    Crankshaft                 100T-4

Milton Roy

Repair Kit



If you have any questions about our parts inventory, give us a call at (618) 592-6531!