Reciprocating Pump Inventory List

These are the pump items in our inventory that we currently have available for purchase. Call us with any questions about our pump/equipment inventory for sale!

Item Number: XXXX

        New Pump Inventory

1032  NOV 32T-2L Pump More Info

1033  NOV 55T-3M Pump More Info

1034  NOV 59T-3L Pump More Info


        Reconditioned Pump Inventory

1003  GASO 1849-A  Complete Unit More Info   -SOLD

1051   GASO 1743 More Info

1054   GASO 3364 Power End More Info

1055   GASO 3211 More Info

1048     GASO 1550 More Info

1006  Oilwell B-348 Power End More Info

1009  Oilwell 36P with 336P Conversion Fluid End More Info

1010   Oilwell C323 Power End More Info

1021    National Oilwell J30/30T Power End More Info

1022    National Oilwell J60/60T Power End More Info

1023    National Oilwell J100/100T Power End More Info

1024   Wheatley 5P-200/31Q-2 More Info

1035   Wheatley 5P-300 More Info

1027    Aplex A50 Power End More Info

1047     Kerr KT-3350-XP More Info


Contact us with any inquiries you have about our inventory for sale!